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Sri Harimandir Sahib
Sachkhand Sri Harmandir Sahib Sri Darbar Sahib
Category Historic, Religious

Sachkhand Sri Harmandir Sahib Sri Darbar Sahib is the central religious place of the Sikhs. The Sikhs daily wish in…

Outer View of Durgiana Temple
Durgiana Temple

Built in the third decade of the 20th Century, it echoes not only the traditional Hindu temple architecture but that…

Pic of Ram Tirath Temple
Ram Tirath
Category Religious

Located 12 Km west of Amritsar on Chogawan road, dates back to the period of Ramayana, Rishi Valmiki’s hermitage. The…

Pic of Attari Border
Wagah Border

The international border between India and Pakistan. The pomp and pageantry of the Beating Retreat and the Change of Guard…

Memorial at Jallianwala Bagḥ
Jallian Wala Bagh

The memorial at this site commemorates the 2000 Indians who were killed or wounded, shot indiscriminately by the British under…

Pic of Maharaja ranjit Singh Museum
Maharaja Ranjit Singh Museum

At a distance of 1.5 km from Amritsar Junction and 4 km from Amritsar Golden Temple, Maharaja Ranjit Singh Museum…

Pic of Gobindgarh Fort
Gobindgarh Fort

The Gobindgarh Fort –the very symbol of Punjab, the iconic protector of Amritsar is situated right in the center of…

Pic of Pul Kanjari
Pul Kanjari

It is another heritage sight built by Maharaja Ranjit Singh around which are sewn many tales and legends. Situated near…