Rashtriya Madhyawik Shhiksha Abhiyan

The Govt. of Punjab has set up Punjab Edusat Society for providing quality education to the Govt. educational institutions of Deptt of School Education, Higher Education, Technical Education and Medical Education. The Edusat network was dedicated to the State on 02.01.2008 by the Hon’ble Chief Minister Punjab. Punjab Edusat Society has set up one Hub and three studios in the premises of Punjab School Education Board from where independent programmes of Higher Education as well as Technical Education are being broadcast. All the three studios have been equipped with the State of the Art equipment and peripherals.

The present status of Edusat network is given here under :-

39 educational institutions are being covered under Edusat network. The institutions with Satellite Interactive Terminals (SITs) cover Medical & Dental Colleges (02), Higher Education (02), Technical Education (05) and Department of School Education (30).

  • 202 Govt. Sr. Sec. Schools and Govt. High Schools are being covered with 203 ROT facility
  • 195 Edusat Computer Libraries (E-Libs) are being established in Govt. Sr. Sec. and High Schools to help the students and subject teachers to view the Edusat and CAL multimedia content these libraries are also being shared by ICT project for providing computer education in place of 1st Phase of computer labs.
  • 67 portable Gensets have been provided to the govt. institutions to meet the power failures. POL cost was also provided for their running.
  • The special programmers for Science students for preparation of competitive Exams, Soft Skills Development programmers, Career Counseling and training programmers for teachers are telecast along with regular courses for 8th to 12th class students throughout the State for the Department of School Education.
  • Daily 7-8 lectures on all working days are delivered by Deptt. of School Education, 5 lectures by Deptt. of Technical Education, 2 lectures by Deptt. of Higher Education and 1 lecture by Deptt. Of Medical Education.
  • Trainings & Meetings of Secretary education, D.G.S.E, D.P.I(SE) with D.E.O(SE), D.E.O(EE), Dy DEO (SE) , DSS, & other authorities on different issues.
  • At present status of EDUSAT project is give as under:
Overall summary of Edusat Project District Amritsar
GOVT. SCHOOLS 27 203 195 56
DIET 1 0 0 1
TOTAL 39 203 195 67

ICT covered total 389 it includes Computer labs established in all schools

Total ICT Covered School 389

Sen. Sec. School 114 computer labs established

High School 112 computer labs established

Middle School 163 computer labs established

Internet Grant:

Internet Grant is provided to only Middle schools & Maintenance Grant is provided to 389 schools under ICT.

Computer Labs:

Computer Labs-402, Total Computer-8449, Internet facility available in all schools.


LFD 32″ in 71 schools, LCD 32″ in 45 schools, K-YAN PROJECTOR IN 51 Schools, TV/DVDS IN 100 Schools Math, Science, SST, English, Computer is taught by teachers by audio visual method on Projector.

Internet Facility

: Broadband -195 Wimax-136 Dongle-51

Computer Fees:

No computer fee from 6th to 8th, No Computer fee from 9th to 12th, Only computer fees for boys 30rs for 9th and 10th, 35rs for 11th and 12th

Career Guidance Scheme:

Making students aware of their talent and motivation them to pursue them.

Organizing events so that student can gain maximum benefit from various government scheme and schemes run by education department.

Under the able guidance of the government following events are organized :-

  • Preparation of database of students.
  • Timely updating of Career corner.
  • Permanent establishment of Helpdesk career counseling.
  • Arrange YuvakMela.
  • To organize Computer typing competition.
  • To provide knowledge about Digital Literacy program.
  • To organize personality development & soft skill program.>
  • To organize mass counseling program .
  • To share knowledge about Medical/Para Medical related information.
  • To give awareness to students about self employment program in the morning assembly of schools.
  • To arrange career awareness rallies.
  • Preparation of competitive exams with the help of Mock tests.
  • Starting of anti cheating abhiyan.
  • Exhibition of career guidance at parent teacher meeting (PTM)
Schemes SSA & RMSA
Sr. No Name of Scheme Description
1 Mid Day Meal 6th to 8th class students according to menu
2 Free Uniforms 6th to 8th class students.
3 Free Books 6th to 10th class SC students.
4 Different scholarship Schemes

Pre Matric (VI to X)

Post Matric (XI to XII)

5 Free Education to Girls 9th to 12th class No tuition fee charge & No Computer Fee
6 Free Education to all student 6th to 8th class Totally Free(No tuition fee,No Funds,No computer fees etc.)
7 IEDSS( Inclusive Education Disabled Secondary School) Under this scheme Rs 500/- given to boys students and Rs 1000/- scholarship given to girl students and Rs 500/- given for Uniform of students.
8 Free Tour Facility Free Tour to Science city and other places as Education Tour.
9 Arrangement of Hostel for Girls GGSSS MALL ROAD,Amritsar
10 Grant for Library and Library Books In 2017-18, Rs 10,000/- grant given for Purchase of Books to all schools.
11 Edusat/Rot Classroom ROT working in 209 schools. In 2017-18 Rs 3000 grant given for Maintenance of Edusat/ROT.