Amritsar Fights CORONA


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General Instructions for Home Isolation

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Link of COVA APP

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Fateh Kit Detail


Necessary Information regarding importance of Mask by District Administration Amritsar

Necessary Guidance on Fateh Kit by District Administration Amritsar

Message from Deputy Commissioner Amritsar cum President Red Cross

“Covid awareness video by District Administration Amritsar. Stay home, stay safe”.

Defining Emergency

Patients / Caregivers will keep monitoring their health. Immediate medical attention must be sought if serious signs or symptoms develop.

These could include

i. Difficulty in breathing
ii. Dip in oxygen saturation (SpO2 < 94% on room air)
iii. Persistent pain/pressure in the chest
iv. Mental confusion or inability to arouse

Whom to Call in Emergency

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What to do in an Eemergency Situation

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District Amritsar COVID-19 Helpline Numbers

City Control Room Numbers

0183 – 2500398, 2500498, 2500598

Health Department Numbers

0183 – 2535322, 2535323

City Police Numbers

0183 – 2527100, 2529100

Police Rural Numbers

9780003387, 8054104837, 9115555212

Home Delivery for Essential Services

0183 – 2226868

Curfew Pass

0183 – 2226767


0183 – 2500698, 2500798


01858 – 221102, 220140

Baba Bakala

01853 – 245510


0183 – 2773030

Amritsar CoVID 19 repository

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