Ram Tirath

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Located 12 Km west of Amritsar on Chogawan road, dates back to the period of Ramayana, Rishi Valmiki’s hermitage. The place has an ancient tank and many temples. A hut marks the site where Mata Sita gave birth to Luv & Kush and also, still extant are Rishi Valmiki’s hut and the well with stairs where Mata Sita used to take her bath. The Bedis of Punjab (Guru Nanak Dev, the founder Prophet of Sikhism was a Bedi) trace their descent from Kush and Sodhis (the 10th Prophet of Sikhism, Guru Gobind Singh was a Sodhi) from Luv. A four day fair, since times immemorial is held here starting on the full moon night in November. 16 kilometres west on Choganwan road is Ram Tirath, commemorating Maharishi Valmiki Ji´s heritage.

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  • Bhagwan Valmiki Tirath Sthal
  • Bhagwan Valmiki Statute Ram Tirath Amritsar
  • Birth Place Luv Kush Ram Tirath

How to Reach:

By Air

Sri Guru Ramdass International airport nearest airport from Ram Tirath and distance from airport is 12 kilometers.

By Train

Amritsar Railway Station nearest railway station from Ram Tirath and distance from station is 9 kilometers

By Road

Bus Stand Amritsar nearest bus-stop from Ram Tirath and distance from bus-stop is 13 kilometers