Sarva Shiksha Abhiyaan

Mid Day Meal Scheme, Text Books and Uniforms Brief History: Mid Day Meal Scheme is a flagship program of the Government of India which is implemented in association with the State Government. Under the scheme primary class (I-V) students and upper primary class (VI-VIII) students of Government and Government Aided schools are served Mid Day Meal in the school. Cook-Cum-Helpers have been provided in every Govt. Aided Schools to cook nutritious and delicious food for the children. Mid-Day-Meal is cooked and served by the Cook-cum-Helpers at Schools level. Supervising Mid Day Meal by the Schools Teachers, SMC Members, DEO (EE), DY. DEO (EE) and Assistant Block Managers.

S.No Days Menu
1 Monday Roti and Daal (mixed with gourd and pumpkin)
2 Tuesday Khichri (mixed with daal and seasonal vegetables)+kheer (sweet dish)
3 Wednesday Roti and black gram(mixed with potato)
4 Thursday Rice and curry (mixed with potato and pakoda)
5 Friday Seasonal vegetable and roti
6 Saturday Roti and daal (mixed with gourd and pumpkin)

Time of serving meal:Mid Day meal is served generally in the recess i:e in summer 11.30 am and in winter 12.30 noon.

Food Grain and cooking cost:Food grain is given 100gm per child primary school (1st to 5th) 150gm per child upper primary school (6th to 8th) per day.

Status of Rastriya Bal Swasthya Karyakram:

Provision of micro- nutrients, de-worming medicine, Iron and Folic acid (WIFS). Micro–nutrients, vitamins-A, de-worming medicine, iron and Folic acid (WIFS), Zinc are provided by the Health department. Distribution of spectacles to children with refractive error. Spectacles to children with refractive error are provided by the health department.

Free Text Books:

Under Sarva Shiksha Abihyan Free Text Books are provided to all Government /Aided Primary & Upper Primary Schools in class 1 to 12 students. Total numbers of Students in District Amritsar 2,03,550. Related to Non. SC. Students Books are provided by Sarva Shiksha Abihyan & SC. Students Books are provided by Welfare Department. In this year books were distributed to all students belong to Government /Aided Primary & Upper Primary Schools.

Free Uniforms:

Under Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan Uniforms are provided to All Girls, SC Boys and BPL Boys in Class 1 to 8 Students in All Government Schools by concerned school Management Committees @ Rs 400 per child.Out of these funds one set of uniform comprising one pair of Suit salwar & Dupatta for girls( 1 pair), 1 sweater and 1 pair of shoes & socks.Trouser, shirt & patka for boys (1 pair), 1 pair of Shoes & socks and 1 sweater. During year 2017-18, Uniforms were provided to students of class 1 to 5 in all Government schools by concerned school Management Committees @ Rs 400 per child in which 39192 girls, 32986 SC Boys and 4891 BPL Boys were beneficiaries. Total cost was Rs 3,08,27,600.


Primary education is the base of student’s life, we are working to make strong base of the students so that they must have confidence to live a smooth life ahead.The agenda of Parho Punjab Parhao Punjab Program is to take weak students along with bright students and to make their I.Q. equal.This will be a start of new era in primary education.With new techniques we are making study student friendly.

Education Dept. Local Body S.S.A Total School
805 0 26 831

Total Education Block in Amritsar District: 17

Cluster in Amritsar District: 99


Parho Punjab Parhao Punjab Project is working on the minimum level of learning where we are working on speaking, listening, reading and writing skills of students to increase their understanding. Provides Training of Teachers. To provide students with extra and attractive reading material. Inspection of schools, to make teachers responsible for their schools and students.


  • Punjabi as mother toung ,the project will try to make students experts in skills to read ,write and understand Punjabi.
  • The basics of mathematics and class according tables are must for every students in this project.
  • The project is giving special attention to English Speaking and also taking serious note on learning methods of study of Hindi.
  • The Reading Cells (Mini Libraries) are created in the schools to make students habitual reading books and the students will be encourage to create their own poems, stories etc.
  • Special Emphasis will be given to the games to improve the health of students.
  • This project is totally Activity based learning which is directly connected to the to class wise syllabus.
  • Basic Test, Medium Test and final test of each student will be taken and will be recorded.
  • A resource group of intelligent and subject expert teachers will be formed which will help to review all the activities of project, trainings of teachers and testing of students. The resource group will also check the printed material and will give its feedback.
  • The Trainings of teachers will be activity based and will be conducted on an organized workshop.
  • According to child psychology the training will be given to teachers. The T.L.M. for 4th ad 5th classes will be strictly according to syllabus and special emphasis will be given on assignments and activities in the classes.
  • The teaching will be based on play way method.
  • The Good performer Schools and teachers will be awarded.
  • Study through Multimedia will be introduced.
  • Special program to aware people and will encourage them for project will be run.
  • Specially parent teacher meeting will be emphasized. Every education block will have smart classes and the agenda is to increase them time to time.
  • The various competitions will be held on School level, cluster level, block level, district level and state level to encourage the students. Also to provide them a platform where they can perform.
  • The schools will have a friendly atmosphere by which absenteeism will be decreased.

Education Act & Training As Per Right To free And Compulsory Education ACT 2009

No School other than a school established, owned or controlled the appropriate Government or the local authority, shall after the commencement of this Act, be establishment or function, without obtaining a certificate of recognition from such authority, by making an application in such from and a manner, as may be prescribed. Any person who established or runs a school without obtaining certificate of recognition, or continues to run a school after withdrawal of recognition, shall be liable to fine which may extend to one lakh rupees and in case of continuing contraventions, to a fine which may extend to a fine the ten thousand rupees for each day during which such contravention continues. 20 New Private school has been recognized (temporary ) under RTE Act 2009 who have applied for the recognition during the year 2017.

Non Residential Special Training:

Under Non Residential Special Training a house hold survey is being conducted for the identification of out of school children of age group 6 to 14 years. Children of age 6-7 years directly admitted to the nearby Govt. schools and children of age 7 -14 according to their age group and mental level while giving a non residential special training they have been admitted through teachers in Regular Govt. Schools. Through special training the teachers of these schools trained these students to current curriculum. In the year 2017-18 house hold survey had been conducted from 23/11/2017 to 30/11/2017 for the identification of out of school children. On the behalf of report of all block elementary education officers total 181 out of school children were identified in this survey.

Residential Hostel:

Under Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan Project for the boys (age 11 to 14) living in difficult conditions, one residential hostel have been approved for district Amritsar in complex of Govt. High School, Karampura at Ranjit Avenue in Amritsar. In Residential Hostel boys (age 11 to 14) facilities like free education from 6th class to 8th class, free residence, uniform, food, tuition etc. are given to them. Total 50 children are living in a Residential Hostel.