A Centre of Solace


Bhagat Puran Singh was no ordinary mortal but undoubtedly the most loved and revered man of North of India. The concept of Pingalwara started forming in Bhagatji’s mind when the Almighty entrusted him with the care of an abandoned spastic child in front of Gurdwara Dera Sahib (in Lahore,Pakistan) in 1934. For 14 long years, Bhagatji carried the child on his back as the child was completely helpless and there was no one else to look after the latter.

Pingalwara means a house or asylum for the disabled, handicapped or crippled. But for this Institution, the word has a much wider connotation. The Inmates of Pingalwara in addition to disabled, handicapped and crippled people, also include persons suffering from incurable and terminal diseases, old people, Young and healthy males, females and children.

Almost all the inmates are destitute and most of them are going to spend rest of their life in Pingalwara.

Andh Vidyala

This Vidyala was the brain of Sh.Mangal Dev, who was also blind. He started this Institute on rented accommodation for the rehabilitation for the blind children . Later the building was constructed in 1933. Till then the Institute continuously doing considerable work to rehabilitate the blind.

In this Vidyala the inmates are not merely educated but also trained professionally.

Chief Khalsa Diwan

The chief Khalsa Diwan was founded in 1902.It is a Central Sikh Organization of various Singh Sabhas spread all over Punjab.

It goes to the credit of the Chief Khalsa Diwan that, in the social sphere, the founders of this organization established the Central Khalsa Orphanage at Amritsar where the orphans are admitted without any consideration of caste and creed.

Birdh Ghar a home for the old and destitutes was established at Tarn Taran where all the requisite amenities are made available. It is managed by the local committee of Chief Khalsa Diwan, Tarn Taran, District Amritsar. Besides, a number of free and Charitable educational Institutions, dispensaries, hospitals and training centers have also been.